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"At first I was hesitant about online training, but Michael was always available and watched me train my dog through videos.

After these 6 weeks, I learned so much about dog behaviour, training, and how to build a strong relationship with my dog which is so important for training later on."

- Sabrina Cheng

"I have brought my dog to training classes in a group setting, but it doesn't compare to the individual attention you receive with Michael's training course."

- Dane Mattran

"Working with Michael Accetta/Matador Canine over zoom has been fantastic! He really took the time to get to know us and our specific goals.

He is clearly very passionate and excited about dog training, not only did I learn alot, but it was also so much fun!"

- Elyse Latreille

So, Why Virtual Training?

Training your dog is a personal experience — without being involved in the training, your dog will become a robot for someone else. NOT to mention dog's that get distracted do terrible in group classes for obvious reasons.

That’s Where “Virtual Training” Comes In.

With virtual training you get everything you need to build a stronger relationship with your dog without being in embarrassing situations, spending weeks apart, and as a bonus you have full control over what style of training you choose.


You are the best person to train your dog, you already have a relationship, 100% access to their day to day life and YOU are the person they have to listen to the most!

Without Our Training

  • Your Dog Could Hurt Someone

  • Your Dog Could run away

  • Wasting your time together

With Our Training

  • No More Fighting Everyday

  • Have the best 15 years together

  • be able to teach your dog anything

Tired of dealing with the same thing over and over again?

Then Apply for Results Based Training Today!

Matador University Brings Training to YOU!

I've spent years training in person and the same issues always come up... running late, missing appointments, the dog only misbehaving at home, and having to leave because your dog is freaking out...forget all of that because I am bringing training to your finger tips.

If you have ever taken training classes and felt lost the whole time...chances are it was because you learn at a different pace — with Matador University you have access to training anywhere, anytime!

And guess what? The device you are using right now to read this can access all of your training instantly

(No extra steps or fees!)

But That's Not All Folks...

Our Program Gives You Everything You Need to Understand, Train, and Grow With Your Dog!!

All Included in Your Private Coaching!

Matador Canine Is…

Your Private Coach

Training your dog or fixing bad behaviors used to be confusing and costly. What has taken people years to accomplish can now be done in a few short weeks!

With private coaching, you can....

  • End problem behaviors that you are struggling with

  • Start your dog off right in training to give you both the best 15 years together

  • Learn the skills and techniques necessary to teach your dog anything that you want like agility, hiking, sports, or competition

Matador Canine Is…

Your Support System

With group classes you are lucky if you have a chance to get 1-on-1 time and forget board and trains. With our coaching you have 24/7 support and guidance every step of the way.

With private coaching, you can....

  • Eliminate confusion by getting answers to your questions before you make a mistake

  • Never feel overwhelmed or lost again in training

  • Save time by avoiding wasteful techniques and tools.

Matador Canine Is…

Your On-Demand Teacher

No more wasted hours searching through the internet and social media videos for training advice and solutions. Everything you need to train all in one spot.

With private coaching, you can....

  • Take back control and learn how to have a reliable dog that is eager to listen through obedience.

  • Build the strongest relationship you can have by eliminating punishment and ending all stress that comes with an out of control dog.

  • Teach your dog how to live in your complex world without hounding them to behave.

Matador Canine Is…

Your Structure

I spent years thinking you had to learn every new solution for a new problem that you where having...until I realized that there where 6 steps to teaching your dog anything.

With private coaching, you can....

  • Teach them exactly what you want them to do

  • Teach them when and when not to do things

  • Build up their enthusiasm

  • Strengthen their stability and independence

  • Then maintain their behavior for life

Matador Canine Is…

Your Personal K9 Library

I want to give you everything you could possibly need to succeed and that is why you will get access to multiple different resources intended to make training easier and more effective for you.

With private coaching, you get....

  • Reactivity, Full Obedience, Daily Life Skills, Jumpstart Training and Behavior Problems Solution Formula Workbooks...

  • Additional mini-reads and full publications by Michael such as The Dog Training Cheat Codes and The Dog Training Booklet: How to Teach Your Dog Anything

  • PLUS BONUSES: Personality Assessments and Best Selling Audio Programs to learn on the go.

Our Program Gives You Everything You Need to Succeed!

Plus Skills to Prepare for the Next Great Adventure!

Expert Training

Get guided through training to cut down on mistakes and confusion

Start Off Right

Avoid common problems by teaching how to have a well behaved dog to being with.

End Bad Behaviors

Eliminate the stress and chaos without sacrificing your relationship

Grow Your Bond

Do more with your dog and be ready to go on the next great adventure

Customized Plan

Tailor training to fit your personal needs and goals

24/7 Support

Never feel overwhelmed or lost in training again.

Session Recordings

Refer back to your lessons to clarify and improve every day

24/7 Access

Real time training and advice. Anywhere, anytime!

No More Confusion

Save time in training by avoiding wasteful techniques and strategies

Take Back Control

Everyone deserves freedom with their dog and its a team effort

Build Confidence

Know what to do and when to fix any problem you have

Train Anything

Learn my process to teach any dog - anything the first time!

Apply for coaching now and get everything we have to offer!


❓How can this help me train my dog?

You need 3 things to train your dog. First is KNOWLEDGE. Many dog owners don’t end up succeeding because they do not have the right knowledge. The second is CONSISTENCY. Michael will be pushing you and keeping you accountable every step of the way because without putting in the work, you won’t see results. The third is COMMITMENT. Without committing to the training process you won't be able to solve your dog’s bad behavior and have the freedom you are looking for. That one is up to you.

Is Private Coaching right for me?

If you are someone who wants to stop bad behaviors and do more with your dog’s life…absolutely. If you’re someone who expects something for nothing, or have the trainer do all the work for you…this is not your thing and you wont see any results if you don't put the work in regardless of what training you choose.

❓How is Matador Canine's Private Coaching different?

First of all, it was developed by Michael Accetta. A professional dog trainer who not only has a bachelors degree in canine learning but has devoted a large portion of his life to understanding how humans learn and process information. More importantly, this is WAY more than just training. This is a personalized system that starts where you are and takes you step-by-step until you get to where you want to go.

❓How long does the program take to complete?

The reality is you will never be “done” with training. Successful dog owners and trainers are never done learning. What matters most is that you get a massive return on your investment both with your money and your time in training. You will get a certain number of private sessions based on the package you choose, however you have lifetime access to everything inside Matador University.

❓What kind of customer support will I get?

The best in the business. In addition to our rockstar student success team, you’re also going to be supported by our online community. When you get started today you’ll never struggle alone again.

❓When will I get access to my training?

INSTANTLY. All training is online for your convenience and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can access our virtual training meetings and complete our online course trainings from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. All progress is connected across media so you never lose your spot. We will schedule your private sessions as soon as your application is approved.

❓Why am I still reading these questions?

Now that is a good question. I respect the fact that you’re looking at the details, but please remember: great dog trainers and effective owners act fast in making life-changing decisions. If you want to do it, make your move before our calendar fills up!

What are you waiting for...

Start Seeing Results This Week!!!

Don't wait to have the best life you can with your dog. Get started today so you can put your focus on other things that need your attention!

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